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Using the Layouts Feature

Many of the pages on HiringOpps are dynamically generated and cannot be edited from the Pages menu. These pages are recognizable by the content of the page being a shortcode instead of text and images. Shortcodes on the HiringOpps platform will always take the form {{ shortcodename }}. Commonly this applies to pages that are forms, search pages, and profile or account pages. Changes to these pages must instead be done through other means. To reorder, hide, or change the elements on these pages requires the use of the Layouts menu.

Navigating to the Layouts Menu

  1. Login to your back-office admin.
  2. Expand the Content Management section and click Layouts.
  3. Search for the page you would like to edit and .
  4. Click on the Actions button next to the company you want to edit and click Adjust form fields.

Editable Layouts

The following are all of the pages that can be edited within the Layouts Menu.

Candidate Pages

Layout Name Page Description Layout Location
Job Seeker Registration Registration form for Candidates /candidate/register
Job Seeker Job Application Upload Dialog Candidate Information included in Application Email --
Job Seeker Profile View Dashboard (basic) Main Candidate dashboard /candidate/{id}
Job Seeker Profile View Dashboard (details) Candidate Information header, "profile details" from basic /candidate/{id}
Job Seeker Profile Edit Page for candidates to edit their professional profile information /candidate/{id}/edit
Job Seeker Settings Edit Page for candidates to change their personal information /candidate/settings
Job Seeker Profile View from Company Dashboard Candidate Profile as company users will see it. /company/candidate/{id}

Company Layouts

Layout Name Page Description Layout Location
Company Registration Registration Form for Employers /employer/registration
Company Profile Edit Page for employers to edit the company profile /company/profile/edit
Company Profile View Company Profile Page layout /company/{id}/{slug}

Job Post and Search Layouts

Layout Name Page Description Layout Location
Job View Job Post Page format /job/{occupation}/{specialty}/{id}/{jobTitle}
Job List Result Formats the jobs in the search results.  /jobs/search
Job Initial Form Formats the first page of the job post form /company/job/add
Job Details Form Formats the second page of the job post form /company/job/{id}/details
Advanced Job Search Criteria Page layout for job search filters /jobs/search
Advanced Candidate Search Page layout for candidate search filters /company/candidate/search

Admin and Affiliate Registration Layouts

Layout Name Page Description Layout Location
Affiliate Registration Registration form for affiliates /affiliate-registration
Admin Company List Sets the columns for the View All Companies table in Admin /admin/company
Admin Job Seeker List Sets the columns for the View All Candidates table in Admin /admin/candidate
Admin Job Seeker Edit    
Admin Job Seeker View  

Manipulating the Layout

Individual layout items can be edited in the following ways, to view the options for the item click the Gear icon in the top right corner of the item. Note that not all items will have all options.

Expanding Layout Item.png

  • Rearrange: Click and drag the item to move it to a different location in the layout. Other items will move to fill in any gaps
Rearranging Layout.png
  • Resize: With the item open click the dropdown to change the number of columns occupied by the layout item. In general, layouts are 12 columns wide, so items that are less than full width can be placed next to each other as long as they are less than 12 columns wide in total.
  • New Box: This allows you to add a subsection for greater control over the exact position of layout elements. This section will be 12 columns wide inside (items set at 12 columns will take up the width of the new box) and the set width on the outside.
  • Mark Required: Checking the Required checkbox will make the item required for users to submit the form
  • Display Choice as Checkbox: Choice custom fields can be displayed as a dropdown menu or a series of checkboxes
  • Display Label: If the previous option is checked, network owners can decide whether or not to display the label on the form. Choice names will always display next to each checkbox.

Adding and Removing Items

To add an item that is not currently being shown on a Layout, simply click the Show button for the item to the right of the Layout.
Show hidden item

To remove an item from the Layout, expand the item by clicking the Gear icon. In the options for the item will be a red button labelled either Hide or Remove. Clicking this button will move the item out of the Layout and to the list on the right.
Hide Layout Item

Using the Layouts Feature
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