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Home New updates: Video interviews, help center, and more ...

New updates: Video interviews, help center, and more ...

Wow, what a year it's been. We hope you've been well in these unprecedented times. 

We regularly make updates to the platform to ensure you can run your job board business effectively. 

Here are some new updates we've rolled out recently:

  • Custom Fields
    • Oh yes we did! We've added even more custom fields so you can add various field types to candidate registration, candidate profile, and employer registration. The format include date field, video URL field, write-in field, and multiple-choice field. You can add a custom field under Data Management > Custom Field.
  • Job Importer UI
    • This addition is for those of you who are importing jobs into your site from employer sites or third-party job sites. While the interface is available under Tools > Job Imports, we'd still like to show you how it works! Contact us to set up a training or we can still add importers for you.
  • Video Interviews
    • We rolled out an integration with InterviewOpps, a dedicated video interview platform. That's now live! Upsell this option to your employers to drive additional revenue. They'll be able to invite candidates from your database to do live video interviews and on-demand interviews. Ask us how to get this integration added to your job board!

  • Job board admin colors
    • We gave your job board admin panel a fresh look with updated colors!
  • New setting to add OG:image tag for social sharing
    • This global setting gives you the option to add a sitewide image that will appear in previews when you or your site users share pages from  your job board on social media sites. You can upload this image under Site > Edit Site from the Action dropdown. 
  • Added Authorize.NET as payment gateway
    • We've added Authorize.NET to our list of available payment gateways. Other options still include Stripe, Braintree, and Payflow. You can update this under Settings > Payment Gateway Settings.
  • SMS Templates
    • Want to customize the job alert text messages candidates receive? Now you can. To edit SMS messages, navigate to Content Management > SMS Templates. Choose "Customize" from the Action dropdown.
  • Video help center
    • We've built out a library of videos to help you set up your job board and answer any questions you have from how to edit page content to how to set up pricing plans. Check it out here.
  • Edit Page URLs
    • This is a great feature for those of you who want to customize your URLs to be even more SEO-friendly. Auto-generated slugs can be less relevant than adding targeted keywords. When you're editing a page, you'll now see a Slug field where you can type in a custom URL.
  • Streamlined Zoho CRM integration
    • We've improved how to integrate with Zoho CRM. The integration will automatically add new companies to your Zoho CRM as they register on your job board! All you need to do is click "Enable Zoho CRM integration" under Site > Edit Site and you'll be prompted to log into your Zoho CRM account.

That's all for now! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Keep an eye out for future updates!

New updates: Video interviews, help center, and more ...
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