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Home Video: Insider Tips for Job Board Owners

Video: Insider Tips for Job Board Owners

Listen to what these job board industry experts have to say about myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings about how talent acquisition can get the most of out their job board partners, including:

- Are job boards dinosaurs? 

- Is it a bad thing when job boards scrape your ATS? 

- Why does the site you post your jobs to always seem to share those jobs with other sites?

- Is it better to advertise on a traditional, duration- or performance-basis?

- Should all employers post all jobs programmatically?

- What do job boards need to do in order to be OFCCP compliant and which ones are? 


- Relative importance of job boards as compared to other sources of hire.

- Which jobs to advertise and how best to advertise those.

- How programmatic differs from cost-per-click and other performance-based advertising and yet how they're often used together.

Video: Insider Tips for Job Board Owners
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