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Limiting Certain Pages To Logged In User Only

If you ever need to hide some pages from non registered users, HiringOpps provides a solution for that!

On each page there is a checkbox that says "Only For Logged In Users". You can check it for any public page and after that only logged in users will be able to see it.

Go to "Content Management" - "Pages", find these pages, pick "Actions - Customize on Network" or "Actions - Edit" if you customized these pages before and check "Only for logged in users"

Only For Logged In Users checkbox

Here is a list of pages for a typical scenario where you want your candidates to not be able to view the jobs until they register on your site and/or get approved:

  • Job Search - Advanced
  • Job View
  • Company Jobs
  • Jobs by Keyphrase
  • Jobs by Keyphrase - Alphabet Letters
  • Jobs by Keyphrase: Jobs for letter
  • Jobs by Location Specialty
  • Jobs by Location - Specialties List by Location
  • Jobs by Location - List of locations
  • Jobs for Candidate - Advanced Search homepage

When doing this, keep in mind, that this will negatively impact your site SEO since the search engines will no longer be able to access the pages that you hid.
Limiting Certain Pages To Logged In User Only
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