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How to Set Up Recurring Subscription Plans

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As a HiringOpps Job Board Owner, you can set up Recurring Subscription Pricing Plans for employers.  Pricing can be different for different payment periods and with different module limitations for accessing certain features.

You will set up plans so employers can renew if they want to continue posting jobs or accessing your candidate database. 

Before you get started, make sure to activate a payment provider/credit card processor within your HiringOpps admin panel. 

Navigate to Accounting > Recurring Plans within your HiringOpps admin panel, and click Add Plan in the upper right corner.


1418_Add a Recurring Plan.png

Next, complete the required and optional fields to create a plan. 

Name - enter a name for your plan to best describe this to employers, e.g. Basic, Standard, Corporate. This is the public plan name that employers will see. 

Plan Number - assign an ID number to your plan. This is an internal number that will not be displayed to employers. 

Bypass payment - check bypass payment if you want to allow the plan or add-on to work for free, without payment. 

Private - employers will not be able to see this plan or add-on from their dashboard. It will only be available for you as the job board owner to assign to employers. 

Weight - this defines the order in which the plan or add-on is listed on the subscriptions page for employers. 

Company type - choose the company type you want this add-on to be available for. Leave this blank if you want all company types to be able to purchase this add-on. 

Trial plan – If you want new employers who register on your job board to be put on a trial period you would check this box to make this a Trial Plan. On a trial plan, employers can search candidates, view limited candidate profiles and save jobs as drafts. They must purchase a recurring subscription or job posting package to gain full access to the site (contact candidates, post jobs, download resumes, etc.). This is an opportunity for your sales team to vet any new leads and block potential spam leads. NOTE: If you want to a plan as a Trial, check the Trial plan box. If you check this box, you will not be prompted to add pricing. See “Adding/changing trial plans” for more information on trial plans. 

Status - select Active to activate the plan or add-on. 

Show in Company dashboard – check this if you want the plan and limitations shown in an employer dashboard like this:

1418_Add a Recurring Plan2.png


Can be upgraded by - If you have other plans added, you can allow employers to upgrade from those plans to this plan. 

Plan pricing - specify the price your employers will need to pay to purchase this plan. 

Click Add Price Set to add a price for this plan and choose whether you want to bill your employers on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually (every 6 months) or annually. Note, these are shown on the frontend to employers with the /month language like this:

1418_Add a Recurring Plan3.png

1418_Add a Recurring Plan4.png

After you’ve set your pricing, you’ll click Add a Limitation to set the plan features. Plan features (or limitations) allow you to create custom pricing plans based on your employers’ needs.  

Plan limitations - specify the features you want to include in this plan. You can add any number or combination of limitations to your plans. Just keep clicking Add a limitation to add more limitations. 

In each plan, you need to include either Unlimited or specify an amount for the following features because you’re giving employers access to your job board.  Employees, Profile Views, Resume Database Searches, Emails and possibly Resume File Downloads too so your employees can download/view the resumes that your candidates upload to their profile. 

Limitations can be concurrent (5 employees active at the same time), limiting the number of job postings a Company can post at one time or limitations can limit the total number of job postings a Company can have per month or for their entire subscription period. 

  1. Company Employees - this module gives employers the option to add employees who can access the site. You will generally use the Concurrent type so employers can swap out different employees if necessary.
  2. Job Postings - this module gives employers the ability to post jobs. If you want to create a single job post plan, you will just put 1 for the Quantity.
  3. Resume Database Searches - this module allows employers to do resume database searches. If you don’t have an established candidate database yet, we still recommend adding this limitation and just not showing it on the frontend in plans.
  4. Profile Views - this module allows employers to view candidate profiles. 
  5. Emails (Candidate Contacts) - this module allows employers to send individual and batch emails to candidates in your database. 
  6. Resume File Downloads - this module gives employers the option to download candidate resumes. 

When you check the “Show on site” option that means that the feature will be shown in the plans that employers purchase like this:

1418_Add a Recurring Plan5.png

1418_Add a Recurring Plan6.png

Click Submit to save your subscription. 

How to Set Up Recurring Subscription Plans
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