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Creating Add ons

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Monetizing your job board can be done in many ways, but one of the best ways to upsell companies is to create add ons for your job board to enable them to add extras to their company account. This can be used to sell extra job posts, allow companies to feature their job posts, or even grant access to features like candidate search or messaging.

Creating an Add On

  1. Login to your back-office admin
  2. Expand the Accounting section and click Add Ons
  3. Click Add Add-on at the top right of the page
  4. Set up the add on the way you would like, see below for step by step directions
  5. Set a price for the add on on at least one site, this price can be 0
  6. Add at least one limitation
  7. Click Submit

Setting up your Add On Settings

  • Name - The name that will display on the public pages, this should be descriptive and succinct.
  • Add-on Number - This is for you to track the add ons privately, this will not display outside the admin pages so it can include dates or other notes that would not be appropriate in the name field.
  • Status - The add on can be set as Active or Blocked. Active add ons can be used and assigned like active subscriptions. Blocked add ons are not allowed to be selected or assigned, however companies which have already purchased the add on will still be allowed to use their credits.
  • Add on Group - This drop down menu allows you to select which group of add ons this add on will be a part of. Add on groups must be created before add ons can be added to them.
  • Weight - The system will order the add ons numerically. Larger numbers will come after smaller numbers. Negative numbers will appear before positive numbers, and are ordered so that smaller negative numbers come before larger ones (-1 before -10).
  • Private - Checking this box will hide the add on from front facing pages, keeping companies from selecting the add on but allowing admins to assign them.
  • Bypass Payment - This is a deprecated feature, leave this checkbox unchecked
  • Company Type - Add ons can be restricted a specific type of company, leaving this as "Any" allows all companies to select the add on.
Add on settings

Adding the Price and Limitations

  • Click Add a price set.
    • Set the site and type in the price.
    • Repeat this process for additional sites if desired.
Add on price settings
  • Click Add a limitation.
    • Module - Select what you would like the add on to do. These modules are the same as the ones used in subscriptions, you can see more information about modules in this article.
    • Type - choose Concurrent Limitation or Total Usage limitation. Concurrent means that the slots can be reused if the usage is removed. Total usage will count each use and removing the item does not return the credit.
    • Allow Unlimited - Allows unlimited usage of the limitation once the add on has been purchased for the duration if it is set or for the life of the account if it has not.
    • Quantity - sets the number of credits the add on will provide.
    • Valid days period - This is the length of time the credit will be active for. A job post purchased with an add on set to 30 days of validity will expire after 30 days.
Adding limitations to the add on.
If desired, clicking the Add a limitation button again will add additional modules to the add on. This is useful when the add on is providing a suite of features all at the same time. An example would be an add on that grants access to candidate search features. In this case the add on would include Resume Database Searches, Profile Views and emails to allow a company to make full use of the section.

Creating Add ons
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